Magic System

The magic system used will be based on the Basic system, with some modifications. Magic can be broken down into eight different skills. Each spell will be assigned to one skill. Each spell will have different aspects that can be modified. There will be a basic version of the spell, but you can get penalties or bonuses to your role based on how you want to use the spell. This is still fairly experimental, so input or suggestions would be welcome.

Each spell will have a set of attributes, such as damage, cost, casting time, duration, range, area, … The attributes will not necessarily be the same for each spell. Each attribute will have a default level, and will have a list of increases and/or decrease. For every step taken to make the skill harder, add 10% to your role. For every check taken to make the skill easier, subtract 10% from your role. Note, criticals, fumbles, and special successes are dependent on the unmodified dice role. You can never adjust a skill so it has less then 10% chance of success.

The eight different magic skills are:



Magic System

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