Racial Stats


Imperial: The most powerful human race, they are the rulers of the Empire. They tend to be smart and organized, and have a tendency towards mental magic.

Sea: An integral part of the Empire, they come from a series of islands along the coast of the empire. With a tendency towards air magic, they are renown for their trading skills.

Desert: From the south of the Empire, they tend to be larger and stronger then other humans, and also have a tendency towards fire magic.

Northern: A relatively scare race, these humans come from a group of tribes in the far north. They tend to be tough, and have a tendency towards Nature magic.


Dwarfs are the other half of the Empire. Sturdy and strong, they are known for their mining ability and Earth magic.


A friendly, nomadic race, Halfings tend be live on near rivers. Their tendancy towards water magic makes it easier for them to move around on rivers.


Elves are very rare in the Empire and very little is known about them. Occasionally, they have dalliances with humans, and Half-elves are the result. The elven blood can be strong, and people who are only 1/4 or 1/8 elven can sometime manifest their elven heritage, and would be called half-elves. They have long lives, and are known for their great magical ability, with an ability in any form of magic they focus on.

Racial Stats

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